Dec 102015

Organization: Belgian Technical Cooperation
Country: Viet Nam
Closing date: 03 Jan 2016

Duration of the contract: 24 months
Probable starting date: as soon as possible Monthly salary package: between 5 624,06 euro and 7 959,57 euro (this includes the gross monthly salary and the expat benefits: hardship allowance and expat allowance). The salary is calculated, depending on the composition of the family and the number of years of relevant experience.


The BTC International Co-coordinator will function on a full-time basis as the daily co-leader of the Project Management Unit (PMU). She/he will ensure, in conjunction with the Ministry of Sciences and Technology (MOST) Co-coordinator and under the responsibility of the Project Director, that the BIPP is implemented as described in the project Technical and financial file (TFF) in a smooth and timely manner.

You will particular work in close coordination with the MOST Co-coordinator, under the supervision of the Project Director, to ensure that the members of the Joint Steering Committee are well informed of project progress and are adequately supplied with sufficient information to carry out their decision-making responsibilities.

Your role as an International Co-coordinator will feed back to the PMU any changes in policy or direction that the Joint Steering Committee may wish to carry out within the Project framework.

Reporting to the Project Director, you shall, in close cooperation with the
MOST Co-coordinator:

  • Provide overall co-leadership of the PMU and coordinate the operations of the project activities with all key stakeholders so as to ensure the coherence of the project;

  • Ensure proper project management and finance processes as described in the TFF,

  • Supervise the preparation of quarterly progress reports and annual results reports;

  • Implement an M&E evidence based learning framework with the support of the national team and external actors, which is oriented toward achieving results rather than monitoring activities;

  • Together with the MOST Coordinator, recruit international and national consultants for the project according to proper terms of references;

  • Jointly with the MOST Coordinator, prepare contracts for consultancies and/or training providers;

  • In coordination with the MOST Coordinator, arrange regular PMU meetings normally on a monthly basis or more frequently if deemed necessary;

  • Provide technical advisory support and guidance to PMU in the field of Business Incubation

  • Propose to the PSC any essential modifications of the objectives, the total budget and/or the duration of the project to the Vietnamese and Belgian Government;

  • Prepare the final report and oversee the final closure of the project.

  • Tender (where envisaged as an action for the PMU) for the procurement of works, goods and services in conformity with applicable regulations

  • Provide an administrative support to the PSC (secretariat, agenda, documents, minutes; dissemination of minutes);

  • Guarantee the project focus on the cross cutting issues;

  • Manage the “own management” elements of the BIPP budget in accordance with BTC regulations and report to the BTC representation as required by those regulations on their commitment and expenditure

  • Implement such other duties of a reasonable nature as are assigned by the Joint Steering Committee.



You shall ensure and supervise the production of the following reports:

  • A Starting Up Report six months after commencement of the Project including

    assessments on the effectiveness of the PMU operations and, if needed, proposing options for improving the structures, systems and procedures;

  • Consolidated and coordinated quarterly progress reports and annual result reports including recommendations with justification for improving the effectiveness of the project activities;

  • Financial reports in accordance with the requirements of BTC and the Vietnamese authorities;

  • Final report summarizing the results of the Project including lessons learnt, conclusions and recommendation on how the achievements of the program can be sustained;

  • Any other reports as requested by the Chairperson of the Steering Committee and/or BTC.

  • Reports on the use of the “own management” resources as required by BTC regulations.


Education level:

  • You have a University degree (Preferably Master level or equivalent) in Economics, Business Administration, Marketing or similar subject.

Proven experience:

  • You have minimum 10 years’ general domestic or international professional experience in the field of support to micro, small and medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
  • You can show us a minimum of 5 years of experience in setting-up and implementing monitoring systems for PS-development programmes and also in advising on policy issues at Ministry level concerning PSD – business incubation
  • A minimum experience of 5 years’ experience in managing private sector development (PSD) programmes, including institutional reform and business incubation

  • An asset would be a previous working experience in Vietnam and knowledge of its private and/or public sector context.


  • You are an efficient communicator and have the experience to lead a team and to motivate colleagues in a multi-cultural and complex setting.

  • Negotiation and diplomatic skills to engage in a high level dialogue at ministerial level are essential.

  • You have worked at a managerial level in bilateral or multilateral donor supported projects.

  • Knowledge of operational issues for seed funds (or similar voucher schemes) for business start-ups would be an advantage

  • Proven ability to work (and deliver reports) in English

  • Excellent computer skills (Word, Excel, PPT etc.)

How to apply:


Please apply no later than January 3th 2016, through our website Use our Standard CV and a letter of motivation to apply. You can find the model of our Standard CV on the Jobs page of our website. If you have any additional questions**,** don’t hesitate to contact us at +32 (0)2/505 17 90.

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