Aug 242016

Organization: Belgian Development Agency
Country: Viet Nam
Closing date: 28 Aug 2016

In view of the further development of its activities BTC is currently looking for a (m/f):

International Technical Advisor for the Responsive and Accountable Local Government


Ref: VIE/15/050-1B

Location: Hanoi, work divided between 3 provinces (Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Kon Tum)

Duration of the contract: 36 months

Probable starting date: as soon as possible

Monthly salary package: between 5.633,37 euro and 7.980,52 euro (this includes the gross monthly salary and the expat benefits: hardship allowance and expat allowance). The salary is calculated, depending on the composition of the family and the number of years of relevant experience.


In response to the findings of the “Report on socio-economic development in 2014 and major tasks for 2015”, the Government of Vietnam (GoV) re-emphasized highest-level political demand for improved transparency, accountability and responsiveness in the public sector and a significant reduction in corruption and wastefulness.

In that perspective, to deliver effective public administration reform as a means of improving social, economic and administrative service delivery and increasing citizen satisfaction with government performance is a priority for political leadership at all levels. More transparent, accountable and responsive local governance is seen as a necessary condition for the successful implementation of the National SEDS (2011-2020). This requires on-going, two-way, government-citizen dialogue so that areas of performance shortfall can be identified and addressed and the adequacy of policies can be critically assessed and refined as necessary.

Belgium confirmed its commitment to support Vietnam’s efforts in that direction by allocating an amount of € 3,000,000 (Belgium contribution) to three provinces (Nghe An, Kon Tum and Ha Tinh) through 3 projects with a same objective of strengthening citizen-government engagement as a means of promoting more transparent, accountable and responsive local governance, improved service delivery and increased levels of citizen satisfaction. Belgium’s government contribution to each project is € 1,000,000 . The Vietnamese contribution for each province is equivalent to € 150,000.

The projects’ design is based on a thorough analysis of the national and specific provincial context with regard to government-citizen interactions at policy and operational level. It builds on previous experiences of Belgium bilateral cooperation and its contribution to the improvement of socio-economic planning & development practice in a decentralized framework. Notwithstanding the demonstrated commitment of provincial authorities, and continuous efforts made to improve local government performance and service delivery, a number of challenges remain to be overcome for a more responsive and accountable local governance at province level .

The theory of change for these 3 projects is that to contribute to the improvement of local social, economic and administrative service delivery and increasing citizen satisfaction with local government performance one should focus on two main strategic areas : (i) increasing citizen feedback and engagement on policies and local government performance at all levels; and (ii) increasing local government capacities, at all levels, to access, analyse and utilize citizen feedback.

The projects specific objective is “Improved citizen-government interaction leading to improved service delivery and increased citizen satisfaction. It has five expected results as follows:

• Improved capacity of local government at all levels to disseminate information in a citizen-friendly manner.

• Improved capacity of People’s Councils and Mass Organizations, and specifically PIBs and CISBs to facilitate and promote improved two-way communication between citizens and government at all levels.

• Improved capacity of local government at all levels to collect, analyse and utilize citizen feedback in a transparent and deliberative fashion for more responsive and accountable local governance and improved service delivery.

• Improved capacity for local government at all levels to identify, plan, coordinate and oversee public administrative reforms in response to engagement with citizens and socio-political organizations

• The exchange and effective utilization of innovations, lessons learned and good practices

with regard to citizen-government interactions; is promoted at provincial and national level

Each project will translate this overall theory of change and objectives into activities programming taking into account the specificities of the socio-economic, political and administrative context of each province.


The International Technical Advisor (ITA) will provide technical assistance to the Project Directors for the strategic management of the 3 projects as well as for the planning and implementation of the technical dimensions of the project in terms of citizen engagement, public administrative reform and responsive, accountable local governance. To this end, s/he will work in collaboratively with the Project Director, the National Expert and PMU staff of each project. In Kon Tum province the ITA will also act as project Co-Director.

The ITA will be responsible for the coordination of change management processes supported by the project in the three RALG provinces. S/he should not only be technically proficient but also have extensive experience in local government capacity building and in change management facilitation roles.

S/he will be responsible for assuring coherence between different types of activities included in project action plans as well as for ensuring planned activities are realistically implementable and likely to contribute to the achievement of the Specific Objective.

The long-term ITA will also be responsible for assuring coherence and coordination between the various lines of short-and medium-term short term technical assistance foreseen in the project. The

ITA will report to the Resident Representative of BTC in Hanoi.


The responsibilities of the ITA will include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:

  • Provide analytical and technical advice to support citizen-government engagement issues and related reforms within the local government system;

  • Identify key opportunities and challenges to be met for the achievement of priority organisational change and institutional development goals;

  • Supervise drafting of ToR for studies, reviews and consultancy services;

  • Coordinate the identification and mobilization of national-level service providers required for the achievement of planned results.

  • Facilitate workshops and training activities as and where appropriate and serve as a resource person in capacity development and change management;

  • Advise the Project Director on all issues regarding the coordination, monitoring, oversight and strategic management of the project.

  • Provide technical assistance to support project M&E.

  • Coordinate backstopping missions using BTC or external expertise.

  • Ensure that sufficient, timely and relevant attention is given to environmental and climate related issues

  • Coordinate the planning and execution of inter-provincial exchanges and the oversight of service providers active in multiple provinces.

  • Contribute to the capitalization and dissemination of the lessons learned of the project; liaise with and promote networks of experts and practitioners in Vietnam and abroad; with regard to the issue of citizen engagement and social accountability

  • Ensure linkages with the Belgian supported projects with regard to institutionalization of planning practices and with the climate change program

  • Support the Embassy in the policy dialogue and provide them with the relevant information.

  • Play a Co-Director role in Kon Tum province and a close supportive role to the Project Director in Nghe An and Ha Tinh provinces with respect to:

    • The organisation, coordination, Monitoring and oversight of project implementation in accordance with the approved project work plans and budgets;
    • Participate in all PSC meetings and in Provincial Working Group (PWG) meetings on a periodic and ad-hoc basis as required;
    • Ensure the quality assurance of the narrative and financial reports to be submitted to the PSC and to BTC and to the Vietnamese authorities;
    • The coordination of project implementation with any other relevant ODA or other programming being implemented in the province;
    • Supervise the preparation of financial and procurement plans; and coordinate and facilitate financial audits for the Belgian contribution.


Qualifications and required experience

  • Relevant and internationally recognised advanced degree in public administration, economic, social sciences or other relevant field

  • Minimum of 10 years experience of institutional development and capacity building in the local government sector with significant work experience at the local/ subnational level of government

  • Proven expertise and experience with government-citizen engagement, social accountability etc.

  • Minimum of 10 years field experience in the area of governance, local governance and/or public sector reform in countries in the South, particularly with low-or middle-income countries.

  • Proven experience in project management (including financial and human resources management)

  • Proven experience working in change management facilitation roles

  • Working experience of the Eastern Asian context, and more specifically in Vietnam is an asset;

    Required knowledge and skills

  • Proven, effective facilitation skills and the ability to develop effective interpersonal relationships; teamwork, negotiate and manage conflict

  • Excellent communication and report writing skills

  • Excellent planning, management and organisational skills

  • A high level of computer literacy, including Word, Excel, Internet, E-mail, Power Point

  • Excellent spoken and written English.


Please apply no later than August 28th 2016 included with your CV and a letter of motivation, through our website

If you have any further questions, please contact us at 02/505 18 65.

How to apply:

Through our website:…

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