Feb 212017

Organization: Management Systems International
Country: Viet Nam
Closing date: 23 Feb 2017

Team Leader, Performance Evaluation on USAID’s Governance for

Inclusive Growth (GIG) Activity, Hanoi, Vietnam

Company Profile: MSI, a Tetra Tech Company, is a Washington, DC metro area international development firm with a 35-year history of delivering development results across the world. Our core expertise is in the fields of monitoring and evaluation (M&E), institutional development, public sector management, governance and anti-corruption. MSI implements nearly 100 projects in 90 countries around the world such as Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Colombia, and Mexico. As one of the leading companies in our field, MSI has partnered with more than 80 organizations across all sectors of international development with clients ranging from large bilateral and multilateral donors such as USAID, the World Bank and the UNDP to national and local governments, NGOs, think tanks, foundations and universities. For more information on MSI, please visit our website at
Project Summary: Governance for Inclusive Growth (GIG) Activity **
Driven by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Country Development Cooperation Strategy for Vietnam 2014-2018, the USAID Governance for Inclusive Growth (GIG) Program is USAID’s primary activity for cooperation with the public and private sectors in Vietnam to enhance areas of governance to facilitate broader-based growth, with an emphasis on the legal framework and systems for accountability. Partnering with our prime counterpart, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), the GIG Program supports the mandates of six key counterparts: MOJ, Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), National Assembly (NA), Ministry of Finance (MOF), State Audit Office of Vietnam (SAV), and Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI). The GIG Program supports USAID and the Government of Vietnam’s (GVN) ambitious efforts to address governance issues and support sustainable, inclusive growth, focusing on creating partnerships and building trust to leverage opportunities for meaningful, sustainable reform in Vietnam. The program is comprised of three technical components and their respective technical teams all working closely together. The GIG Program coordinates all activities at the intersection of trade and legal and regulatory reforms, governance, and inclusive growth.

These are:

  • Component 1. Improving legal and regulatory frameworks through dynamic, inclusive policy-making process.
  • Component 2. Improving accountability of public institutions.
  • Component 3. Improving inclusion and equality for marginalized groups. GIG’s three components work together in close collaboration ensuring a holistic approach to implementation, maximizing the broader impact of GIG initiatives to improve policy transparency, state accountability and inclusive growth.

Position Summary:
MSI is seeking a Team Leader/ Evaluation Specialist to design and implement a Performance Evaluation (PE) of the GIG activity. The successful candidate will have experience designing and leading the implementation mixed methods evaluations of international development programs for USAID or donor agencies.

Period of Performance:
The performance evaluation is expected to begin in Vietnam in March 2017. Fieldwork will be proceeded by a few days of coordination and document review.

Level of Effort: 56 Days Total


Management/ Planning

Desk Review

Analysis of Desk Review

Initial Briefing – Meetings

Data Collection



Final Report

Total Days

International Team Leader











  • Lead the design and implementation of the GIG performance evaluation.
  • Lead the team, finalize the evaluation design and evaluation work plan, and organize activities
  • Consolidate individual inputs from team members and coordinate the process of assembling the final findings and recommendations.
  • Hold an overall responsibility for technical quality of the evaluation.
  • Serve as primary contact for communication with the USAID/VN and IP on the technical aspects relating to the evaluation.
  • Lead the preparation and presentation of the key evaluation findings and recommendations to the USAID/VN team and key partners.


  • A senior independent consultant with experience leading and conducting performance evaluation on governance for economic growth.
  • Strong expertise in governance for economic growth, particularly inclusive growth
  • Good understanding of USAID programs, project implementation and administration, financing, and management procedures.
  • Experience in development projects in Vietnam, particularly in economics and/or governance is a plus.
  • Experience in inclusive growth is a plus
  • Excellent oral and written skills are required
  • Strong English language and written skills are required.
  • Should have critical thinking and a high level of analytical ability; be proficient in qualitative assessment
  • Good sense of political economy

Only candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls, please.

MSI is an EEO/AA/ADA Veterans Employer.

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