May 242017

Organization: UN Children’s Fund
Country: Viet Nam
Closing date: 30 May 2017


As per TOR.


The consultancy is to support UNICEF Viet Nam and the General Statistics Office of Viet Nam in development of a statistical profile of people, including children, with disabilities in Viet Nam using the VDS 2016 dataset.

To have an in-depth understanding on the situation and characteristics of persons, including children, with disabilities in Viet Nam, the assignment has the following specific objectives:

  • Provide statistical information on, but not limited to: (1) disability prevalence disaggregated by age, functional domain, geographic location, ethnicity, wealth quintile, and education level; (2) monetary poverty rate by disability; (3) employment by disability; (4) school attendance by disability; (5) educational attainment by education level and disability; (6) receipt of social assistance by disability; (7) need for assistance by disability and age; (8) health status by disability and age; (9) heath service up-take by disability; (10) access to public transportation and works by disability.
  • Statistically analyze disability-related topics through thematic crosstabulations (with consideration of the age groups adapted) by functional domain and disability variables, demographic variables, social variables, economic variables, well-being variables, and social attitude variables with disaggregation of age, sex, region (rural/urban and economic region), ethnicity (Kinh and non-Kinh), wealth quintile, education level, etc.
  • Specific Tasks

    To achieve the above mentioned objectives, the international consultant is required to carry out the following key tasks:

  • Design a statistical analysis and tabulation plan based on the required indicators, crosstabulations, and the need for correlation and regression analysis;
  • Conduct the statistical analysis of the dataset provided in SPSS software including crosstabulation;
  • Prepare a survey report summarizing the VDS 2016 results, which would include a detailed description of the survey design, descriptive analyses of the required indicators, presentation of key tables and figures, and key messages;
  • Develop a stand-alone summary report (less than 10 pages of A4) of key findings and key messages supported by data presented in a non-technical and infographic manner;
  • Develop a powerpoint presentation of VDS 2016 key findings and key messages.

    Given the considerable amount of work and highly technical nature of the assignment, despite expected close and regular online consultation during the assignment period the international consultant is required to visit Ha Noi at least twice to have face-to-face discussion with UNICEF Viet Nam and GSO officials, i.e., the first visit during the first task of statistical analysis and tabulation planning and the second visit during the main report finalization.

  • Methodology & Expected Deliverables

    This assignment employs a quantitative approach. The language of all deliverables is English.

    The main report tentatively contains the following parts and chapters (subject to discussion with consultant and GSO officials):

  • Part I – Design and implementation of the survey

  • Chapter I – Survey organization
  • Chapter II – Sample design and estimation
  • Chapter III – Concepts and definitions
  • Chapter IV – Key indicators
  • Part II – Major findings

  • Chapter I – Disability prevalence and demographics
  • Chapter II – Disability and health
  • Chapter III – Disability and poverty
  • Chapter IV – Disability and employment
  • Chapter V – Disability and education
  • Chapter VI – Disability and social assistance
  • Chapter VII – Disability and environment
  • Chapter VIII – Disability and needs for assistance
  • Part III – Annexes
  • Part IV – Tabulated tables
  • Tasks and Deliverables:

    1. Review the dataset and design a statistical analysis and tabulation plan

    A statistical analysis and tabulation plan finalized and agreed, 3 days, by 20 June 2017 (the plan available).

    2. Conduct the statistical analysis of the dataset provided in SPSS software including crosstabulation extracting and template populating, an inception report developed and agreed, 7 days, by 30 June 2017 (inception report available)

    3. Develop the main report of VDS 2016 which includes methodology write-up, descriptive analyses of the required indicators, presentation of key tables and figures, and key messages, 20 days.

    Draft report agreed by 25 July 2017 (draft report available for comment)

    Final report including tables and graphs presented as per required cross-tabulations and indicators by 15 Aug 2017 (final draft report available for comment)

    Final set of syntaxes, by 15 Sep 2017 (final report completed)

    4. Develop a stand-alone summary report (less than 10 pages of A4) of key findings and key messages supported by data presented in a non-technical and infographic manner, final summary report containing non-technical and infographic data and key messages, 3 days, by 20 Sep 2017 (draft summary report available for comment) and 27 Sep 2017 (final summary report completed)

    5. Develop a powerpoint presentation of VDS 2016 key findings and key messages, final powerpoint presentation, 2 days,by 20 Sep 2017 (powerpoint presentation available)

    Total: 35 man-days, by 27 September 2017


    Vu Manh Hong, Chief, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

    Qualification/Specialized Knowledge and Experience


    Doctor’s degree or equivalent in Statistics, Demography, Social Sciences, Public Health or any other related technical field with special expertise in data management/processing, statistical analysis, and quantitative methods is required.

    Skills and Experience

  • At least 10 years’ experience in drafting reports summarizing survey results;
  • Extensive knowledge of SPSS software;
  • Must be familiar with the data analysis approach of disability related Surveys and/or Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS);
  • Must have in-depth knowledge of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health framework, Washington Group questionnaires, and UNICEF/Washington Group Module on Child Functioning;
  • Good knowledge of socio-economic context of Viet Nam is an asset;
  • Fluency in English;
  • Excellent writing skills;

  • Interested candidates are kindly requested to apply online and submit the following documents:

  • Technical Proposal: The Consultant must prepare a succinct proposal briefly outlining an initial draft work plan (indicating Consultant’s availability) for the assignment should be included. (Strictly 03 pages)
  • Financial Proposal: The consultant must prepare a financial proposal with breakdown of cost including the consultancy fee, travel costs and any misc costs. (Strictly 1 page)
  • Three Referees with details of similar consultancy assignments.
  • The Consultant must complete and submit a P-11 form ( UN Personal History Form )
  • Please contact for a full TOR if required.
  • Closing date for receipt of applications is30 May 2017 at 18:00 hours Viet Nam Time.

    How to apply:

    UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organization. To apply, click on the following link

    click here for more details and apply to position


    Tipical Questions
    Tell Me About Yourself People tend to meander through their whole resumes and mention personal or irrelevant information in answering--a serious no-no. Keep your answer to a minute or two at most. Cover four topics: early years, education, work history, and recent career experience. Emphasize this last subject. Remember that this is likely to be a warm-up question. Don't waste your best points on it. And keep it clean--??no weekend activities should be mentioned.
    Questions to ask
    What can you tell me about your new products or plans for growth? This question should be customized for your particular needs. Do your homework on the employer’s site beforehand and mention a new product or service it’s launching to demonstrate your research and interest. The answer to the question will give you a good idea of where the employer is headed.