Jun 232017

Organization: Norwegian People’s Aid
Country: Viet Nam
Closing date: 30 Jun 2017

Norwegian People’s Aid is a humanitarian organisation rooted in the Norwegian Labour Movement. We work with International Development Partnerships, Humanitarian Mine Action, Rescue Service and First Aid, and Asylum and Integration. Norwegian People’s Aid has about 12000 members in Norway and 2400 staff worldwide. We work in 36 countries around the world, and in 2017 we will have an expected turnover of 1000 MNOK.

Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) has been a leading actor in the humanitarian mine action since 1992.

Today, NPA is runs Humanitarian Disarmament programmes in 22 countries in the Balkans, Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia, The Middle East and Latin America. NPA works closely with national authorities and other stakeholders on resolving the challenges faced by the local communities caused by landmines and other explosive remnants of war.

NPA is seeking a Senior Technical Advisor to manage an ongoing capacity building project funded through the U.S. Department Of State with the aim of strengthening Vietnam National Mine Action Centre (VNMAC) through the transference of skills and technical expertise to VNMAC staff and relevant civilian and military mine action operators.

The objective is to enhance Vietnam’s CWD program capacity and assist VNMAC in establishing itself as the official coordinating body for the mine action sector in Vietnam. The project has a potential period of performance until end of December 2021.

Key duties and responsibilities:

You will advise and assist VNMAC and its senior management towards its strategic direction and by developing and implementing its immediate, intermediate and long-term plans. You will report to the Deputy Director General (DDG) of the VNMAC, and work with him on a daily basis to develop the required framework for the VNMAC to effectively oversee the implementation of the Vietnam Mine Action Program. The position is based within the VNMAC, and housed in the same building as the DDG. Your responsibilities will include the following:

  • Responsible for managing the WRA funded Capacity Building project of VNMAC
  • Advise the DDG and his senior management team on the development of the National Mine Action Program
  • Increase coordination amongst mine action implementing agencies and stakeholders
  • Assist in the development of annual and multiyear plans for the VNMAC and the National Mine Action Program
  • Assist in mobilizing resources to support mine action activities.
  • Assist the VNMAC to integrate with the international mine action sector.
  • Advise and assist in developing and drafting policy and procedural documentation.
  • Provide financial assistance where applicable and in line with the donor’s and VNMAC’s strategic goals.

How to apply:

For more information and how to apply please see NPA’s website

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