Feb 042018

Organization: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Country: Viet Nam
Closing date: 12 Feb 2018

Service Title Public Health Informatics Officer

Period of Performance 3/15/2018 – 3/14/2023

Embassy Access and Security Level: Yes; level 5

Place of Performance: Hanoi, Vietnam

Service Objectives

Through the existing CoAgs listed in Section C., the contractor will independently provide support services to satisfy the overall operational objectives of the CDC Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) in Vietnam. The primary objective is to provide services through performance of public health informatics technical assistance and support for all GHSA CDC Vietnam program activities involving health information systems and their effective design, interoperability, management and use to effectively reinforce early warning and response to outbreaks in Vietnam, improve routine surveillance data availability, and strengthen surveillance for antimicrobial resistance and hospital acquired infections.

*No new system-level/complex development or server-based implementation of an information technology (IT) system is planned or anticipated. Should such need become evident, DGHP will coordinate with CGH’s IIRO and IT Governance teams to ensure appropriate evaluation, funding, and performance of any and all EPLC-related activities or expenditures.

*Language required by IT Security

B.1. Task Requirements

B.1.1 Support the CDC GHSA Vietnam team in the assessment of central and provincial emergency management centers, laboratory information systems. Formulate and implement policies including guidelines and agreements for data usage and sharing. Work with end-users to determine needs for data usage; advise on data standards; provide training on information systems management; and coordinate information systems.

B.1.2 Provide expert technical assistance to the United States Government (USG) GHSA CDC Vietnam team in the implementation of public health informatics activities to support implementation of health information system objectives.

B.1.3 Assist CDC Vietnam in strengthening and developing informatics solutions for various surveillance and monitoring efforts, including but not limited to epidemiological surveys, surveillance systems, and routine monitoring of program metrics.

B.1.4 Assist CDC Vietnam in monitoring the progress and quality of GHSA program activities and provide technical support as needed.

B.1.5 Develop competency-based training programs in public health informatics for CDC Vietnam personnel.

B.1.6 Participate as a member of the CDC Vietnam GHSA team to lead CDC Vietnam efforts in developing and strengthening health information systems in a network of emergency operations centers.

B.1.7 Carry out and support activities to define end-user needs for informatics systems and data standards.

B.1.8 Provide expert technical assistance on reinforcing information systems and their use.

B.1.9 Modify/develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) for quality assurance and bio-safety to provide high quality test results. SOPs developed will be appropriate and applicable to the tiered laboratory network.

B.1.10 Enhance staff capacity to train personnel of other levels of the tiered emergency management system and emergency operations center network through training in SOP writing and implementation as part of the development of health information systems.

B.1.11 Provide guidance and advice on the development of policies and guidelines for end-user data standards to ensure interoperability of health information systems.

B.1.12 Reinforce visualization and use of data for action at networked emergency management centers and assets across relevant line ministries.

B.1.13 Provide technical guidance on the Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) established in four regional institute microbiology and virology laboratories, including the development of systems for ordering tests, transmitting results, tracking and managing specimens and ensuring chain of custody for biosafety and biosecurity between laboratories.

B.1.14 Ensure linkage of health information systems between relevant line ministries and national emergency response apparatus, ultimately in support of an all-hazards approach to emergency preparedness and response (biological, chemical, radiological, natural disaster, etc.).

B.1.15 Provide technical guidance and assistance in the development of reporting and data visualization systems for laboratory-based surveillance for antimicrobial resistance using WHONet software.

B.1.16 Provide technical guidance and assistance in the development of reporting and data visualization systems for surveillance of hospital-acquired infections.

B.1.17 Provide assistance and advisory support for ad hoc activities, including those related to Public Affairs and high-level political visits.

B.1.18 Coordinate and facilitate meetings sponsored by the GHSA CDC Vietnam team.

B.2 Task Deliverables:

Quarterly Progress

B.1.1 – B.1.18 COR 5th workday Report following the end of each quarter

Training material

B.1.5; B.1.9 – COR As requested translated from English

B.1.11 by COR and to Vietnamese prior to start date of each training.

B.3 Travel Amount

1 trip to USA for an estimated 5 days

6 trips in country for an estimated 2 days each 1 trip to Asia for an estimated 5 days

Minimum Qualifications and/or Certifications

· Master’s degree in either Health Information Technology (HIT), Health Information Management (HIM), Health Informatics, or related area; or, an equivalent combination of education, certifications and experience with 5 years of post-graduate work in public health informatics, or a related area.

· International work experience outside of the United States is required.

How to apply:

Interested candidates should email their cover letter and CV to TaNisha Harris at

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