Aug 282018

Organization: Médecins du Monde
Country: Viet Nam
Closing date: 17 Sep 2018


THEME: Harm Reduction

COUNTRY: Vietnam

1. Context

Médecins du Monde – France (MdM) is an international solidarity association which has a mission to cure the most vulnerable populations who are living in situations of crisis and exclusion throughout France and the world.

Brief presentation of the project

For the last 3 years, Médecins du Monde – France has been implementing an innovative peer-based model for the prevention, care and treatment of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) among People Who Inject Drugs (PWID), in Hanoi, Vietnam.

This simple and affordable pilot peer-based intervention aims at increasing HCV awareness, improving HCV screening & diagnosis uptake and referral to treatment among PWIDs in Hanoi with the global objective of demonstrating a model of prevention and care suitable for scaling-up.

One of the specificities of MdM’s approach in Vietnam is the partnership model: MdM is acting as a coordination body, a technical referent and a donor. A self-support organisation is responsible for field activities and community approach, an academic partner has been in charge of the medical services and research component and finally a local NGO is leading on the advocacy component of the project. As of 2018, the medical activities of the program have been integrated into the services of a district level public health facility and the model of care was complemented by a treatment component for a cohort of 100 patients with the specific aim of improving linkage to and retention in HCV treatment; guaranteeing good adherence; improving behaviours to lower risk of infection and/or reinfection after treatment. This treatment component builds-on the modelling of a HCV treatment intervention implemented by MdM in Tbilisi, Georgia since 2015.

In 2018, in the final phase of the project cycle, MdM and its partners are concentrating on consolidating the transfer of the project and disseminating best practices of the activities implemented and the model developed.

2. Objectives of the consultancy

The aim of this study is the modelling of the peer-support model of Hepatitis C prevention and care implemented in Vietnam between 2015 and 2018.

The following dimensions will need to be specifically documented and analysed:

  • The different phases of the model’s implementation, from its inception to its conclusion;

  • The capacity building process of the two teams of peer-educators who were driving the response and more globally of the self-support organisation;

  • The ownership of the project by the implementation partners, especially the community-based organisation;

  • The peer-based model of care implemented (from prevention to treatment);

  • The medical evidence linked to that peer-based model (linkage, retention, adherence…);

  • The relevance of the peer-based model in terms of behaviour change;

  • The actors setup developed to support the model of care (roles and responsibilities of each actor).

At the micro level, the aim is to describe MdM’s 3-year intervention in Vietnam and document best practices within the model implemented.

At the intermediate level, documenting and formalizing the approach, process and the implementation tools of the peer-based intervention in Vietnam into an operational handbook will provide hands-on guidance to stakeholders, in particular community-based, willing to implement, scale-up or replicate a similar simple and affordable intervention.

At the macro level, this study will contribute to improving MdM’s design and implementation of subsequent peer-based harm reduction interventions.

The maximum total budget available for this consultancy is 30 000 EUR (Thirty thousand Euros).

3. Sought after profile

We require the following from an individual consultant, a group of consultants or a consultancy firm:


· University degree in social sciences, public health or other relevant degree


· Experience and expertise in the design and undertaking of lessons learned studies/modelling

· Professional experience with international NGOs, with a focus on medical programmes and public health and community-based approaches

· Proven experience in quantitative data analysis

· Knowledge/Technical expertise in Harm Reduction

· Fluent in English, French an asset

4. Schedule

Application deadline: 17/09/2018 at 10am (CET)

Deadline for a complete proposal: 11/10/2018 at 10am (CET)

Required start date for the assessment: End of October 2018

‘Field’ phase of the consultancy: October – November 2018

Deadline for the 1st (advanced) draft of the report: December 2019

Required date for the hand-over of the final report: January 2019

This schedule is indicative and can be submitted for modifications.

How to apply:

The consultants who wish to apply to this call for expression of interest, must transmit:

  • A curriculum vitae (maximum 3 pages)

  • A cover letter (maximum 3 pages) indicating: experience in similar conditions, references regarding the execution of analogue contracts, dates when available to consult, other, etc…

These applications must be sent to the following email address: with as the reference subject: “Vietnam/Peer based model” before 17/09/2018 at 10am (CET).

A maximum of six candidates will be short-listed and invited to submit a complete proposal replying to the terms of reference which will be sent to them.

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