Dec 202018

Organization: German Red Cross
Country: Bangladesh, Mozambique, Peru, Philippines, Togo, Viet Nam
Closing date: 10 Jan 2019

The German Red Cross (GRC) is part of a worldwide community assisting victims of conflicts and disasters and people affected by social or health related crises. The Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement provides vulnerable people with assistance without discrimination as to nationality, race, religious beliefs, class or political opinions and adheres to the seven Fundamental Principles of the Movement: Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality. The German Red Cross assists in disaster response, rehabilitation and capacity building projects on appeals of their sister organisations within the Movement.

The GRC joined the EU Aid Volunteer initiative in 2018 in order to offer dedicated people the chance to work in international humanitarian projects. The GRC offers 18 positions in Peru, Togo, Mozambique, Vietnam, Bangladesh and the Philippines. The positions are open for both, Junior and Senior applicants and cover a broad variety of tasks. If you are interested in the humanitarian work of the Red Cross and like to learn more about innovative approaches in humanitarian aid, please apply on our website until January 10th 2019.

The EU Aid Volunteer idea:

o You are a citizen of the EU or a long-term resident in an EU Member State and make a difference?

o You like to support the Red Cross/ Red Crescent movement in humanitarian aid?

o You are at least 18 years old and have relevant working experience for the position you are applying for?

o You like to have a professional support for your first humanitarian mission?

o You like to break out from your routine job or start working after university?

o You are willing to stay away from home for 6 – 12 month (starting in 2019)?

What we offer:

· Working in one of 18 positions to support Red Cross/ Red Crescent projects

· Trainings, Briefings and individual coaching

· Travel and accommodation costs

· Subsistence allowance, to cover your main living costs

· Insurance during your deployment

· Being a member of the world’s largest humanitarian network

How to apply:

Detailed Job descriptions of the 18 positions:


Konrad Menzel, German Red Cross Headquarters,

click here for more details and apply to position


Tipical Questions
Have You Ever Had A Supervisor Challenge A Decision? Interviewers are looking for an answer that shows humility--??and the ability to take direction. The anecdote should be telling, but it'??s the lesson learned, not the situation, that could land you the job.
Questions to ask
What have you enjoyed most about working here? This question allows the interviewer to connect with you on a more personal level, sharing his or her feelings. The answer will also give you unique insight into how satisfied people are with their jobs there. If the interviewer is pained to come up with an answer to your question, it’s a big red flag.